Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur
Valerie Anne Burns

About Valerie

Valerie Anne Burns, lover of story and beauty landed in the glamorous life of  Los Angeles. As it turned out, working in Hollywood wasn't as glamorous as it appeared... 

Fast forward twenty-four years later to Santa Barbara, where Valerie is completing her book of her arduous journey with breast cancer.

“Since childhood, when I was living on a tropical island, I have been finding ways to remain in the magic of ethereal beauty as a mermaid does when crossing over to face the demands of life,” said Burns, who is a Santa Barbara makeover specialist for wardrobe image and home décor. 

Valerie was diagnosed in July 2013 with a cancerous tumor in both breasts, which showed a genetic disposition. Initially two surgeries were planned. However, because of complications of staph infection and a chronic autoimmune condition, Valerie endured seven surgeries resulting in 55 days in the hospital.

Burns began writing her book before her diagnosis. The first personal essay she wrote was about the one memory she has of her mother who died of breast cancer when Burns was three. It is a book of personal essays beginning as a toddler in Miami. It focuses on strength and survival while seeking moments of exceptional beauty with an awareness of all the humorous ironies in life.

Valerie states,"the book has been cathartic, with its raw honest words, and I've found moments of beauty even in the most painful times. It will hopefully resonate and be of meaning to others facing what seems to be insurmountable challenge that is often a lonely and isolating journey."

Valerie, a former film producer and screenplay story editor also graduated from a fashion and design school in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition Valerie received a full scholarship from the Santa Barbara writers conference. Her first memoir piece was submitted to the Prague Summer Writing Program, which offered her a $1,000 scholarship, where she traveled to Prague to work on her book.

Valerie continues to find natural beauty daily in Santa Barbara where she speaks with women to find moments of beauty in the most painful of times. As well as guide women to feel and look beautiful with her image consultant business and her "closet therapist" approach designed to inspire women toward positivity and purposefulness through all of life's highs and lows.

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